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Dec. 17 Meeting


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Psssst. it's a secret don't anyone tell Vince OR ELSE :beating:


As well it is SWAP NIGHT. The club has lots of materials etc. that you will have the opportunity purchases cheap. It's Tying Season and we all have to fill up a couple of more containers with materials we hope to use some day. In any event the pricing is super low. If you have personal items you wish to sell by all means bring them out.

Don't forget to get your DAVE WHITLOCK TICKETS for our January Seminar.

Club clothing will also be available. Both of these are great Chistmas gifts.

We will also let you know some of the great items that we will have available for the Raffle to be held at the Whitlock Seminar.

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Besides have Pizza and Root Beer tonight , Don't the swap tonight. Here is some of the items that are available:

Jungle Cock


Feathers, feathers and more feathers

Furs, furs and more furs

Fly Boxes

Scissors & tools

Some very rare and expensive feathers


as well as NLFT&T Club Clothing

You don't want to miss this night.

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Boys & Girls


Had a great time last night...good people (many that I have not seen in a while), good food and good conversation. My thanks to those that assisted in laying out the fly tying stuff, making the coffee, picking up the pizza and general clean-up. Pizza was great and my thanks to Wooly for ordering one of the pizza's with anchovies.....mmmmm good. Though I think for next time, based on the number of people that darted for the anchovie pizza, that we should order a couple.


My slice count for this year was a bit down and I guess I can attribute that to my getting older...oh well.


Again, thanks to all that helped out.



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