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Muir Lake


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A few members were out at Muir Lake today. Generally all had great time with a number of very feisty rainbows landed. The only downside to the day was a model boat club staging races all day right at the boat launch. The speed of these vessels greatly exceeded the 12 kph speed limit for the lake. :angry:


We were informed that they will be racing there tomorrow (Sunday) from about 9:00AM to 4:00PM.


The Rainbows did not seem to mind on the west side of the lake although it was very noisy for the anglers.


Chronomids worked very well for some and lama leeeches for others. Get out and enjoy this fantastic fishery.



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If we hook the boats do we get to keep them if they're over 50cm? Thanks for the heads up, I'll be trying to cast for 'em with my new 10 lb. anchor. Naw scratch that, I'm just gonna anchor at the end of the dock.



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Okay, my first time "FISHING" out at Muir today... it was FANTASTIC.. especially when these YAHOOS finally left the water about 3:30 PM (waited until they got off there). Someone also contacted Fish & Wildlife to investigate and they actually did show up to talk with them. I'm not sure of the outcome.


I understand they were given permission to do this by Brian (not sure who he is) but was apparently on the Muir Lake Comittee. I also appreciate there are other users of the waterbody, but this one seems counter productive to what we're trying to accomplish out there.


I snapped a few quick photos of the boat action to show.. no way I could actually photograph the boat cause it was going over 100 KM/H. Damn unsafe if you ask me with the amount of folks on the water, and also these guys hogged the entire dock area. I seen people portaging aluminum boat from a ways in. Also they entirely filled up the parking lot. :(


I did a quick search on the Internet and found out when their other race times are (i.e. dates to avoid fishing). Is there something can be done about this? I swear if one of those remote control units was to have a faulty battery, and one of these high speed boats went out of control and hit someone, there'd be some serious damage done. Not to mention all the nasty fuels they're dumping into the lake.


To give you an example (via video of how fast these boats are, and the noise generated by the boats and the crowds) visit this link: http://www.drcwebservices.com/eun/video.htm (The first one on the list is about all you'll need to see).




North American Model Boating Association



The race dates have been finalized for 2004:


May 1& 2 Calgary

May 15 & 16 Edmonton

May 29 & 30 Calgary

June 12 & 13 Edmonton

June 26 & 27 Calgary

Aug. 21 & 22 Edmonton

Sept. 4 & 5 Edmonton

Sept. 17 & 18 & 19 Crazy Al’s Race Kalispell Montana

Sept. 25 & 26 Calgary


Oct 2 & 3 Make up week end for any lost events either Calgary or Edmonton or both. The Edmonton club has the use of Muir Lake at Stony Plain again this year and Fons indicated they also have Kirk Lake that could be used as well for racing or practice. Perry mentioned the Municipality will be doing some up grades for us at the lake.




Practice.. sheesh I don't even wanna be there if they're out every weekend practicing! To think I volunteered some of my personal time to help build a fishery, not a raceway. Did any members from their club help out? Municipality to do some upgrades indeed -- how about putting some doors on the outhouses soon! :curse:


Give your head a shake!




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Hey Ranger Bob


I arrived at Muir at approx. 10 a.m. on Sunday expecting a day of quite and to catch the odd fish. Well, I did mange to catch a good number of spunky fish but what I did not expect was to see the dock area closed off to the general public and the noise and speed of those model boats was a real pain in the butt.


I was also quite concerned about one of those boats going out of control. At speeds in excess of 100 k - serious damage could be done to anyone in it's path. I did manage to talk to Fidh & Wildlife. He lent a kind ear but there was not much he could do except check with Brian Braun who gave the club permission to race on the lake. The model boats appear to be outside of the definiton of a water vessel - though he did say he was going to check the regs.



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I can empathize with the model boaters - they've used the water for years, and I believe that their presence is an oversight in the management of this new water use.


One might suggest that their season be unhindered - since they technically have prior right of use - but for next season - the water should be off limits. The FESA (TU/NLFT/ETC/ etc.) have worked too hard to have the Nitro-methane fuel spills, smell, noise, and occasional riser beaten in the head with a 100km an hour carton of milk. (That's the size and weight of the boat...)


That said - I'll sign anything to assist getting them off Muir - and onto another suitable piece of water - and did - and will share that water until change can be affected.



On another note... ;)


Great lake - great fish. What a jewel to have so close to home - and with the quality that those big shouldered bows exude - I'll be back.


Only 1 reg-buster in evidence - an 8 year old who didn't know bait wasn't allowed. Silly parents... read the regs. The gear chuckers were in evidence - but I didn't spot anyone sneakin a few fish into the boat.


One point -


I should have looked closer - was there signage about the regs on or below the boat launch - or only at the end of the lot where those INCREDIBLE signs are?


I talked to 10 or 15 people who weren't fishing - but were asking about the lake regs... I thought it strange with all the signage - but perhaps - there are routes to walk where you might miss them? I dunno... just moanin and bitchin.




Lastly - It's a good thing the Toxic waste dump is still there - or anyone in their right mind would fish that lake... MmmMMMm Pigskins. :)

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When we were out there on Saturday, we talked to a few of the boating members. They do have another lake that they run on, it is located west of the city limits on the north side of the Yellowhead highway just east of the Anthony Henday turnoff. Their problem with this lake is that it gets too windy and they are unable to race. That is when they looked around and found Muir Lake. It's the story they told us.

While watching them race, we noticed that one of the boats veered off course and very narrowly missing a fisher in a belly boat. A close call indeed. One would hate to see what kind of damage that these boats could inflict if they did come in contact with something or someone.


Now to fishing stories.Fishing was excellent Saturday. Leech pattern on a sink tip with slight jerking motions almost always triggered a hit and as well the chironomids were a hit as well.



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I think we may all consider bringing our boats - canoes, aluminums etc and simply "fish" off the end of the dock for a couple of hours or until they go away the next time they are supposed to do this. If there are enough of us I am sure that they won't be able to race.


Alternative will be to hurry the banning of all motors except electric ones on the lake.



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guys might I suggest that the speed limit is suppose to be 12km so I would think they are breaking the law. I'm I not right on this. Maybe just have someone out here to enforce the laws of the water. :ph34r::devil::ph34r::devil:

Haven't been out yet hope to rectify that this weekend. :clap::clap::clap:


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S.

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Let 'em go to Chickakoo. It winterkilled again anywhoo and nobody is really fishing it. Chickakoo is surounded by trees so there is almost no wind for them to worry about. :boat: Just my two cents.

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The 12km/h reg pertains to vessels 'of size' due to the wake they leave going any faster then 12km/h. These boats leave no wake and do no damage to shoreline, therefore I doubt they will be banned due to speed regulations.


I personally don't have an issue with sharing the lake with this hobbyist club. We're much the same thing. We fish, they race. Are there boats noisy, smelly and environmentally damaging? Yes, but no more so than the fossil fuel guzling machine you arrived in.


I think we should have Dennis and/or Mike Dell speak with the boat club president about our concerns. They may be unaware of the issues. Creating or fueling animosity between these groups won't do either any good. If we inform the boat club and they are not sympathetic to what we are attempting to accomplish on Muir Lake then that's a different story.


Can't we all just be friends? :blink:

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