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The Demise Of Stauffer Creek?


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There are extensive fishing logs from several guys that regularly haunt all points of SC. There were at least a couple of noted seasons where a sudden drop in catch was noted in a given year and the following years. I've seen some of the work. I think the resultlant drop in catch, bugs, and fish was probably due to some one shot point source contaminants. Probably a nasty pesticide (insecticide or maybe an herbicide) or a dump or small spill in the oil patch near bye. One of the other fellas might have some more info on the study.


The problem with these type of sources are that they go down stream, dissipate quickly, and often aren't noticed until after the fact.




Alberta Al in Saskatoon

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milelongleblanc & Al,


Ran 3 sets of samples this summer. Was shooting for 6 sets but wife's Mom had a tough summer and I spent most of it with her. I'll be running another 3 sets next summer. So far no evidence of the suspected contaminants.

As far as fishing - doing OK till December. Then things got worse. Was landing 6>15/day prior to that. Cold effected the fish. Will be tough for sometime although I have had days where I have caught fish between Xmas and New Years.

Be aware though of the redds all though the only water that is open. Pay attention to clean gravel areas and give them >2' of clearance.


Change made to clearance of redds' make it 2 feet.




catch ya'




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