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Nov 26 Meeting


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Due to illness Peter Aku from Alberta Conservation Association will be unable to attend. He is currently being rescheduled for a future date.


We will try something just a little bit different, the presentation will be Oliver Edwards who is making this trip on very short notice. The topic will be WET FLY FISHING ON RIVERS. He will make his appearance via DVD.


Essential Skills will be: :fish_jump:

Down & Across

Square Across

The Escalator

Fishing the Wet Fly Upstream


Fly Patternswill be:

March Brown

Sipe Bloa

Dark Needle

Geenwell's Glory

Stewarts Black Spider

Oliver Edwards Yellow Spider

Oliver ties the above flies

With any time remaining we will also demo tie some of the above patterns.

Don't forget Emerson's Coffee and Jerry's Timbits. ::coffee::

Oh! and the usual fishing banter.

This should be a very informative meeting.

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Bring your vises most of theses flies are soft hackles.Even though some of these patterns include more exotic type materials. If you bring peacock herl, and partridge or starling you will be able to Denisize them. The wet fly techniques include some interesting presentations that make a lot of sense. Don't miss it.

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Dennis-ize patterns? :lol:

A great new word enters the fly tying vocabulary

Dennis-ize - [den iss eyes] Verb - to modify or otherwise change a recognized fly pattern.

In it's purest form it requires the application of shiny or oddly sourced material in addition to or in lieu of the material traditionally used in an extablished parttern. The result bears only superficial resemblance to the original fly. The name of the subsequent variation is usually a badly misspelled variation of the original. Example: Eefil Waffle - a Denisized version of the Eevil Weevil where the traditional Airzona dubbing is replaced with llama fur and the wire rib with glitter thread.

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