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Wing Burner?


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I was looking in a magazine that had a recipe for no hackle flys. The auther said he used a "wing burner" to shape the wings. does anyone know what the heck a wing burner is???? or where to get one???

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You can get them at any of the Fishin' Holes here in town and at the Fishing Center,

there are a few different kinds.


They come in sets of three.


There are caddis ones

There are mayfly ones,

There are some stonefly wingcase ones.


Anyways, the wing burners look like this:






You put your wing material between the two pieces, and squeeze them together, then using a lighter you burn the edges of the material.


Here's a link to a fly I tied where I used a wingburner to shape the wings of a quill body dry.





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First off, welcome to the forum trouter! :thumbup:


Now, I am curious, how many people here actually own wing burners and use them? :whootwhoo:


I own a set myself, and only ever used it once. I watched my bug wing go up in flames... like most other things. Hmmm, could be an interesting swap... toasted flies.


Don't forget there are foam wing cutters out there as well.. which work well too on thin clear materials for wings, like Bounce dryer sheets covered with sticky tape. Speaking of stuff, dryer lint is also an excellent source of free dubbing.




See also synthetic wing materials, which I use more so then wing burners cause you can actually cut it to shape with the tools mentioned above.




I have used that technique with great success before on this pattern (RB Mayfly). A Killer it is.




Posted Image

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I use my stonefly nymph burners all of the time. I use them on church window feathers from the ringneck and I use them to trace and cut shaped wingpads from synthetic sheet material.

Posted Image

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