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Raven River Sunday Oct. 26


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As part of the Raven River Study currently being done by Goulder and Associates we will be doing a redd survery this Sunday.

This is a $100,000 project that is being done on the Raven, sponsored by the Lloyd Shea Fund of Trout Unlimited, Edmonton Chapter.

The river is broken down into 12 sections. These sections are between roads. We will walk the bank and stream identifying redds either by GPS or noting on a map to be provided. You will need your boots and waders as you will be in the river some of the time.

If you are interested in learning part of the river or just would like to help please call me to arrange for car pooling by Saturday @ (780) 718-1428

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Michael Dell, Emerson Dober, Ken Monk, Rod Carlson and myself participated in this Survey on Sunday.

The section we serveyed was a 3 mile section south and east of Caroline. Emerson and Ken competed the lower part, Michael, Rod and myself did the top 2 miles. In the top section we located 13 possible and 40 Brook Redds, as well as 11 possible and 55 Brown Trout Redds, totalling 119 redds.

I encourage anyone who hasn't participated in one of these redd surveys to cosider in hellping next time. You will be surprised how much you may learn about that stream.

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Sorry, I may be the only slow one around.


What exactly is a "Redd"?

Just curious.



Redds are cleared areas of the streambed where the trout will mate and lay eggs. The trout hen uses her tail to clean the gravel of silt and algae so that the eggs have a good place to settle and stick.


They are identifiable within the stream as cleared areas of bottom - usually a few feet wide and 2-3 long in the direction of streamflow.

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