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October 15th Meeting

dave robinson

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This week Dave Robinson will demonstrate an Adams for the beginners.

Bring some grey dubbing, grizzly hackle, bucktail and size 14 hooks and tie along.


After the demonstration we will have an open discussion for the Fisheries Round Table.

Our club will have representation there and we want your input into how to improve our fisheries.

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Ah Ha!

You've caught me out.


I often am a traditionalist in tying fly patterns, but I'm trying hard to break that mold.

During last year's beginner sessions, I demo-ed the traditional pattern first,

then went to great lengths to show that strict patterns were not the only thing you can do.

I showed and encouraged tyers to try different variations, some quite off the wall.

All intended to make the lessons more informative and fun.


For this session, I only have a short time, so will not belabour the traditional pattern.

Hence, one hackle, a variation on the tail and stacked bucktail for a hair wing.

The idea is to provide an "adam's like" pattern that is quick and easy to tie and durable.

And of course, to stray off course in a Southwick kind of way, I might even use a pink bucktail.

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Dave, I agree with you in every way. Well, as far as that last post goes anyway. I've always had a hard time tying more than a half dozen of the same pattern at a time before I start creating variations. It helps keep things more interesting, and once in a while I even come up with a keeper.

I was really giving the gears to Vince at least as much as you. Problem is, I kind of agree with Vince too, in that the guys and gals that originated these patterns usually tried countless variations themselves before settling on the final recipe. On the other hand, I think if a fish has seen a hundred standard Adams', your bucktail version could be just the ticket.

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Since my name got throwen in on this discussion I will put my 2cent in here. First off I've yet to use a brown hackle on an adams just the grizzley 2nd I don't like using hair of any kind, for a wing just a good bright(pink or orange) poly or antron much easier to tie. Then I never split the wings and never, never use traditional wrapping of the hackle strickley a parachute man.


now there an adams that will catch fish.


I must admit to not being much of a traditionalist(tongue in cheek)


My flies do catch fish


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump:

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