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North Sask Rivre

dave robinson

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On my way between the soccer pitch and my astronomy meeting last night

(Man, I have way too many hobbies) :blink:

I happened to cross the Dawson Bridge and looked east at the river.

I saw many rings, mostly towards the south side, adjacent he golf course.:fishy:

Has anyone tried for Goldeye yet? :fishing:

It looks like there's a few in town. :happybd:

Has anybody tried that location, wading out from the south (golf course ) side?

Is the bottom there manageable? :monkey:

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So we're doing the river on Saturday? :clap:

What time do we want to meet up and where? :whoot:

I swung by the Dawson bridge after my soccer match last night.

At about 9pm the activity was pretty slow and way out in the river. :(

However, I found that you can get down to the water right at the bridge. :canuck:

We could try there or possibly at the Strathcona Science Park.

The latter would be much closer to the wings and beer. :marsh::drinked:


I was thinking of doing up some curry wings. :devil:

Interested? :eek:

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Errands popping up tomorrow.

Fishing will have to be sometime after dinner .

You can pick and post a time to meet at your place.

I'll try to orchestrate some curry wings.

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RB Streatches the truth a bit. :clap:

The wings were 3 alarm at least. :rangerbob::rangerbob::rangerbob:

The walleye as more than 18" but RB was too chicken to pick it up. :eek:

Something about possibly losing finger skin to teeth, :dr:

Anyway, I may have gotten skunked that night, :(

(Ron and RB hogged the fire hole) :curse:

But I got even on Monday with fish caught on the Bow. :catch:

Had a great trip with Barry White.:flex:

I'll post photos when I get them sized down to the BB Limit.

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