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Spam, Site Content And You... Oct 3, 2008


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Ladies and Gents -


As you have no doubt noticed - there has been a radical increase in the number of spam posts in recent days, most containing links to less than acceptable off-site content. In fact - you've seen only the surface of this recent attack, and we've identified over 100 new accounts created in the last 3 days that require removal and banning. It's an onerous task - but one that we must undertake.


The process to rectify this situation is a grey area. I have engaged our host to see if there are steps that can be taken to address this problem, including modifications of the forum to limit access until an approval has been granted, as well as required updates to our forum software. These will come in time.


Until we have secured a solution - it's important for you to understand a few things, and contribute to a solution.


If you see an offensive post - report it. The "REPORT" button is located on the bottom left of the post - below the user information. By Reporting the post - a notification is sent to the administrators. When we receive the message, we will swooooop in like superheroes, and remove the users posts, and ban the account (by email) permanently.


We need everyone to understand: we are not being targeted by an individual or group.


Attacks of this kind are common. All users of a particular software package may be targeted (as in this case) exploiting holes that may be new, or just found, or old and unpatched. In this case - we don't know where the hole is - or how it is accessed, but it is obviously our 'turn' so to speak.


Often these attacks are launched by "Zombies" - meaning that hundreds of computers who have poor virus protection may have been compromised, and are now doing the evil bidding of another master - often without the knowledge of the computer owner. An infected PC owned by a club member may have seeded the 'target' list for an attack - or it may have been random. We have no way to tell.


Your email is also subject to these kinds of highjacking. If you do NOT have current, or recently installed virus protection software, and you run ANY variant of Microsoft Windows - you would be well advised to seek out quality virus protection for your computer.


During our efforts to get this under control - you may find the website down at odd times, or overnight as required for us to isolate attacks, and retain control of our content. Consider this 'martial law' until we get over the attack - or are able to block it completely, until the next time.


Thanks for your support, and patience.


Greg, Darren, Ranger-Bob

(Your Site Administrators)

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Thanks to Darren Scratch and Ranger Bob for their yeoman work in trying to control this infestation of cockroaches.

I've nuked a couple of posts myself, but am not sue how to 'ban" the perpetrators, so next time will hit the report before I do. If we need a software update to assist, please let the exec know what and how much.

Thanks again


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Once again a tremendous THANK YOU to the administrators of this website for their continued time consuming efforts to make this site what it is.

If we need upgrades to our software to make the efforts of Scratch, Ranger Bob and Darren easier please let the executive know. Can you give us a Dollar Amount for what is required immediately? We have an executive meeting Monday so we can get approval.

Members of NLFT&F these guys spend hours and hours each week to maintain this website for your club, please send them a Thank You.


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Good job for sure! And thanks for pointing out that Report button - never noticed it before.


FYI - if you need/want any assistance with any of the web stuff, let me know - would be happy to help out.

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I have just nuked 70 accounts created on October 1st and 2nd. It would appear that the attack was limited to that day.


Many of the zombie attacks feature a 'target list'. When your number is up - the master server tells the zombies to "Go here..." and they do.


We've updated our software, and added extra security checks. No telling if it will keep us safe and sound in the long term - but we're as solid as we can be for the time being.


Thanks to Pacres for getting his sleeves rolled up and helping us out while Flyangler.ca was under the same attack.




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