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Trip To Bc

Dragon Troller

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I'm headed west next week,


I plan to base my camp at Alces lake and fish there, Whiteswan and possibly Whitetail.


I hope to take some photos, look for a report upon my return.


Have FUN, a great place to fish, try for some cuts by the hot pools on Lucier (?) on the way to White swan, You could try Larch or Tamarac. Good luck and have fun!!!! :vdaylove::fish_jump:

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I may try the Lussier indeed, are Larch and Tamerac creeks or lakes?

Although I'm not familiar with Larch and Tamarc, I looked them up in my East Kootenays Backroad Mapbook. It appears we're not talking about two bodies of water, but pehaps one -- a lake. There is an entry for "Tamarack (Larch) Lake" which "can be accessed by a series of logging roads just east of Skookumchuck." There is also a nearby lake called Larchwood, which can be accessed by a branch of the same forestry road. I suppose DD could have been referring to both lakes. Terry

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Alces has some nice fish, but they get fished over pretty heavily due to the campground being right there. I've seen a few in the shallows at the west end by the small stream entry.


Swan also has nice fish, but Iv'e never caught any myself.

(Only fishing Ive done there is with my wife as trolling motor in the canoe, and her patience runs out quickly.) I've seen others do quite well though. Depending on water temperature, you should try the shallow end at packrat point. Hot weather drives the fish deeper. I've seen some caught just at the dropoff between the shallow end and the main lake body (about 200 yards east ofthe packrat point dock) in August. Patterns in use were Damsel nymphs in the spring and chironomids in the summer.


Take your swim trunks to Lussier. Best undevelopped hot spring around. Good for a nice soak at day's end. It's close to Alces so you can do that on the way back to camp from fishing the stream itself.


Don't count on any fishing supplies in Canal Flats. Very limited services available.

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I may try the Lussier indeed, are Larch and Tamerac creeks or lakes?

They are both lakes and north of Skoockemchuck, you have to go south of town first then take the mill road NW. Check out the backroads book, it is handy! You can fish Findley creek on the way to White Tail , it has no rod fee ( cutties), there is also a creek in there that has some brookies, ( left at the y to white tail lake , I think )


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