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Iklave 2008


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Had a GREAT TIME AGAIN!!!!! Fish and weather were Awsome and the fishin companions, well they were ok , I quess, ya they were Awsome too! Jim Hosted again with Lances help I guess, the POTLUCK MMMMGOOD THANKS TO ALL THE COOKS!!!!!!! Lance did a FANTASTIC VIDEO , GREAT JOB!!!!!! I will get around to post some pictures soon. Check out the Video , Thanks all again Dan

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Sorry, I has no more pictures... only more videos.


"Pride Rock"




Jeep Flat (Redux)




Fishing Buddies:




As always, the good stuff gets posted on our blawgs. :)






In fact Scratch is off this weekend on a Crazy Geocache tour of 12 states right now. You can follow him here in real time. He left New York

yesterday and is now someplace in Baltimore. :)




PS - I just spent $4,500 on Jeep repairs myself. What a tale indeed (more here and here).


PMS - Never take your vehicle to Londonderry Jeep Chrysler for service.... eeeeever.

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