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Acipenser, jfisherman here, check the "goldeye info" listing. Try dry flies like the light cahill, the mac's mayfly, or mosquito. subsurface, try a black seal & collar, an irresistible, a pink shrimp, a few meal worms and maybe a few mac's giant chironomids.

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Hello folks. I'm new to the area and hoping you can give me an idea where I might go to give my fly rod a workout. Preferably any species of trout and/or goldeye. Streams, rivers or lakes. Somewhere within an hour west of Edmonton.





While the goldeye are running the North Sask is a great resource, however the run this year has been a little smaller and the goldeye have been hiding out in tight bunches and aren't too easy to get to.


As for trout, there are several stocked ponds in the city including Hermitage Park, and Beaumont (4 seasons park).


Once out of the city to the west, Muir Lake is a great option if you have a belly boat or pontoon, same goes for Hasse, Chickakoo or Star Lake. There's more to fish out near Wabamun - but it's a bit longer trip.


The river does still offer some great fishing, with goldeye taking dries (Stimulator, EHC, Humpy, Adams) and sunk flies as well (white wooly buggers, crystal buggers) swung cross current. The walleye will take deeply swung buggers too - so you never know what you're going to hook into. :)

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