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Pyramid Power To The People!


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Small victories.. eh Dave! Aye this is big news today indeed! Well done Dave.. I also liked your letter to Mayor Mandel and

City Council. As I recall, one of them even quoted your e-mail. Likely wouldn't have happened unless the Ranger picked

up the flag and pressed some buttons. He likes pressing buttons.. and does it all day long for a living. Somedays... I

feel like George Jetson doing it. I know my boss is kinda like Spacely Sprockets. :)


:: http://ranger-bob.net/?p=952



Edmonton vote flattens idea for pyramid welcome signs


Story Link Here


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From Thursday’s Globe and Mail


July 24, 2008 at 6:38 AM EDT


Edmonton — Council Wednesday voted down a controversial and pricey plan to replace a wooden welcome sign to the city with a dramatic 21-metre-high laminated glass and steel pyramid.


The proposal originally called for the city to construct two new entrance markers, but it was scaled down to just one. The estimated price tag: $750,000.


Mayor Stephen Mandel voted to proceed with building the design by Edmonton architect Gene Dub. However, the proposal was narrowly defeated by a vote of six to five. Two councilors abstained.


The idea of building tilting pyramids that light up the Prairie sky at night - as well as their hefty price tag, an estimated $2.6-million - had polarized Alberta’s capital.






You (Lance Taylor, from Edmonton, Canada) wrote: I sent a letter to the Mayor here before the vote, and as well now after the vote. I have also sent one to my Ward 3 elected members.




* Posted 24/07/08 at 8:54 PM EDT | Alert an Editor | Link to Comment


PS - I like the current signs just fine!



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