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Welsh Anglers Coming

dave robinson

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Alan Parfitt and a couple of his buddies from the Gwent Angling Society ( the group we did the Across the Pond Swap with) arrive in Edmonton this Friday (July 25th) evening. (They actually fly into Calgary where Alan Jones will pick them up and bring them to Edmonton). They return to Wales August 17th. They will be in town this weekend to do some shopping and jet lag recovery then will spend 4 days or so next week in K-Country fishing the Highwood and back country lakes. They return to Edmonton the weekend of August 2nd for a couple of days to pick up Alan Jones and then head down to the Pincher Creek area for about 2 weeks. They plan on camping at the Castle Bridge Campground. Between their various trips back and forth there are a couple of opportunites to meet them.

I've initially suggested we might try to do a day trip grayling fishing with them, either this Sunday or August 2nd or 3rd. And there may be an opportunity to share a beer on one of those weekends.

Another possibiilty is for any NLFT&Fers who will be down south when they are, to catch up with them there. I've already pm'd Terry H to see if he's interested.

So if any of those who participated in the Swap are interested in meeting some of the Welsh counterparts, drop a reply here and we'll see what we can organize.

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Dave nice to hear that some of the Welsh boys are coming our way. I could be talked into something like that. Also I will be down south just about the same time as the gents. The castle was one of our destinations. We like going right down to the Falls and camp.


Mentioning this must get tying somemore Bunnies soon. (here bully bully)


Keep in touch on this.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump:


Tight Lines Always


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I am heading over the pond today. :boat:


I am hoping to get a day to do some fishing but as per normal I probably won't get one.

So to keep the gods from messing with me I am going to leave the rod at home and that way they can't stop me and I can blindside them and get the day.


So hoping for the best I will just stop in at a fly shop and get the local info and maybe pick up a new rig and hit some of the water.



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Our Welsh friends goo delayed by a day, getting bumped off their plane in Gatwick due to overbooking. They did arrive Saturday and when I spoke to Alan, were unwinding and recovering from jet lag. The likelihood of going fishing Sunday is low, buy we may be able to share a beer this evening. I'll post later today.

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