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On The Bow...


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Just talked to our resident NLFT-Bow guru...


Barry said the flows are ok - but the fishin is hot-hot-hot on the Bow - if you were gonna get down there - now is the time. Give him a ring and see what's happening. You can get him through his site - or PM me if you need his number.


Maybe you can convince him to give up fishing and turn to ballroom dancing. Theres more money in being a gigolo - and when his tranny gives up later this week (the one in his truck - not on 17th picking up guys in the bar) it will be easier to get to the dance hall than Mackinnons.



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gigolo - and when his tranny gives up later this week

Gigolos and Trannies, Oh My!


Aye.. shore up our trip with him earlier for the 2nd.. as the float during the Klave weekend is not looking too promising right now.


Expect or look for the venue change announcement for the Alberta Klave 2008 to be given by Friday. Likely, gonna be nearer to the Oldman River now. Gonna be fun chasing down all them Cutties.. and oh look.. you haz not caught one yet Scratch... erm.. I mean... "plastic vicar". :)


Yaaayy... Fishing!


:: http://www.weebl.jolt.co.uk/fishing.htm

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Fished the bow this evening for about hour and half had 2 on, lost one, but got my biggest brown yet to the net. about 22" -24' on hares ear. There was a huge caddis hatch but didnt have enough light to switch my rig, but they were slammin em.


Had some bad luck and my work sent me down here to calgary for thursday and friday so fishin the bow all weekend !! :kicks:

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Put that paycheck to good use Steven! Call Barry and go for a float - it's a very enjoyable thing. :)



(I hear Rick had a great day on the water - but the roads were less favourable... hope everything works out Rick...)

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