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Name That Bug


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Jfisherman here, Paulf, is that a blue winged olive in picture #1 because that looks (at least from a distance) an awful lot like what was hatching at Hawrelak on Sunday (the 13th). To get a closer look I captured one and it had a body awfully close to that in the picture with splotchy brown wings.

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Is Paul being Tricksy?

Looks like two different bugs to me.

Both mayflies of course.


The first one has sightly opaque wings and a dun colored body.

A Pale Morning Dun immitation would work regardless of species.

Say an Adams or (gulp) CFF in the right size.


The second has transparent wings and a light olive body.

A blue winged olive pattern in a larger size with light olive body might work.

An olive biot body parachute (RS Quad) would be a good choice.


So regardless of the actual species, one can find something a a well stocked fly box to immitate.


One other possibility is that one is the dun and the other the spinner of the same species.

I know that they do change color a bit, particularly the wings, after mating.

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Dave I'm sure your right on the 2nd it is a a dun just turned spinner and I would say it's likely a PMD


As you say both are mayflies.


Paul great Idea we need some stuff like this just to help in insect recognition.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump:

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The first one is a male Callibaetis, the second looks to be ephemerella - but without sizes it's hard to be sure.


Certainly isn't the same bug - since it would have had to change species and sex. :)

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I tend mostly to go along with Scratch.

Two species, certainly two different sexes and a dun and a spinner.

From what I see in "Hatches" the first is a male dun, plain wing, small hind wing

(which may mean it's not a callibaetis) (can't see tails or guess length)

but from color etc, baetis is probably a good guess

The second is a female spinner, not sure how you classify the main wing, large hind wing

(so definitely not the spinner for the baetis) I'd guess size at 6 to 7 mm

to ephemerella is also a good guess.


Thanks to Paul from me also for putting these up and asking the question.



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...never really thought about including the length of the bugs...


...picture #1, the bug is around 3-4mm in length...


...picture #2, the bug is around 6-7mm in length...


...hopefully this helps in determining the species of insect...

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