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Introduction Of Species Into Rivers And Lakes


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I have read about it in the Regs and always thought to myself "who would be stupid enough to introduce a new species to a lake??"

Yesterday I was at Summerside Lake and the guy next to me pulled out a 4lb Carp and he said there was a huge school of them.


Is this a problem in our lakes and rivers in Alberta?? I have did a bit of reading on the Carp and they are notorious for eating

all the food in a lake and killing out the other species.


It makes me angry how much overfishing and poaching that I see, and this just takes the cake. people have no regard for the law and

fishing limits anywhere I go.


Sometimes I wish the CO's has Tazer guns and would have a mandatory shot at these guys.


Anyways enough of my venting


Tight Lines



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Unfortunately, we can not legislate against stupidity…if we could, this type of activity would not occur nor would quaders find joy and happiness in running their quads up and down stream beds just for the fun of it. We need laws….tough laws, with big cash penalties.


What we need are more CO’s …last time I heard we were in an oil rich province with cash available. Yet, it seems that protecting our waters is not that big a deal.



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There was talk of the Summerside Resident's Association introducing Carp into the lake to control algae etc. It was on the summerside-connect website. I'm not sure however if this plan went through or not? Might be worth checking into?

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Carp are VERY common in stocked lakes that are not 'managed' fisheries. The carp often come from the fish farm where they are used to control the amount of 'uneaten' feed and algae.


Remember - Summerside isn't a real lake. It's a clay pit, lined with rip-rap, put there as an added incentive to take on a monstrous mortgage. :)


But on the whole - yes. The introduction of foreign species is a really serious problem. No less a problem than the number of fish introduced every time a tanker or freighter from Asia empties it's bilges - dumping hundreds of 'stowaways' into pacific and atlantic waters.

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