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Heading North

Dragon Troller

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Tuber another Gent and myself are headed north this Thursday for 8 days of fishing. We plan on only hitting Swan for a couple days due to the fact you can't camp there anymore. If you are up north in the Peace area and see the Dave Scadden armada heading your way say hi.


I'll be the one who looks like he is pi$$ed off about not being able to fish swan for 8 days, my buddies will likely have the same look.


The good thing is I will get to put quite a few hours on a lake I have fished very little.


We will report when we return.

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Well, I don't think we'll look too pi$$ed off - after all, we'll be fishing, and off work for over a week!

And we leave in just a few days!!





(I like that... Scadden Armada....lol)

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