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Déja Vu


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Well, 5 flies instead of 7.... ;)


If you could pick only 5 flies to fish with (current topic over at the Washington Flyfishing forum - not sure if you need to be registered or not)


It's interesting seeing the differences (and similarities between regions)

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W/O having followed the URL above, my "Fave Five" are:


1) 'The Usual' - SSH

2) Wooly Bugger

3) Stimulator

4) BH San Juan Wire Worm

5) Carfiff Special


And if I had to add the two flies that slayed these fish today.. those would be:


6) Bubble Butt Boatman

7) Damsel Fly Nymph


Posted Image


Aye, three in a row taken back to back on #7, with about 10 minutes each to land them. Also let 10 more like this go as limit was caught quickly. 'Twas a windy but worthwhile afternoon of fishing. Now... to fire up the BBQ. The ones from this place taste just like salmon... mmmmmm... tasty trout.



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The Goto Five?


Thought I had this figured out... lately? Not so much.


1. The Usual

2. Elk Hair Caddis

3. Evil Weevil

4. Hares ear nymph

5. Purple wooly bugger with crystal flash in the tail.


(And to echo RB - add a #10 weighted damsel and a BB-Backswimmer to get to 7)

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