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May 21, Raffle


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Hey Kids


As mentioned by Brian B. during our last meeting we will be selling raffle tickets during this weeks meeting (May 21) for a beautiful pre-owned fly tying material cabinet.


The cabinet was custom made and is made out of a light oak. The cabinet has 20 drawers in total and measures 46" in width, 24" in depth and is 36" high.


Like our last raffle, only 100 tickets will be sold and ticket prices are: one for $5.00 or three for $10.00.


For some unknown reason I've been chosen to be the seller of these hot tickets and as I know they are going to go fast I would urge you to see me as soon as you walk in the door.


Thanks for the support folks...see you tomorrow night.



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And a special thanks to the ticket seller who now has a permanant position with the club as the official seller of all tickets to raise money for the club. Way to go Vince . I will make a motion at the executive meeting next Monday to have you put in the position of OFFICIAL SELLER OF TICKETS FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

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In that case... I nominate Ray. whistle.gif

Are wets or soft hackles classified as nymphs?


lol :P


just noticed that I need to update my avatar - not doing much tubing these days, and haven't had a smoke in almost 5 months!

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