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I.d. Older Rod Blank


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You might be able to made an educated guess from the length and the diameter of the butt.


I have two rods from Fisher blanks (bought from Dennys) that are 3/4 weights. They are 6'9" and 7'6". If you have a longer blank then it would probably be a heavier weight.


Compare the diameter of the butt section to another known rod and it may be a similar weight.


And then the final test is to build it, and then try it out with a few different lines and see what works best. I have found that a "5" weight rod often works best with a 6 weight line and that rods can carry a couple different line weights depending on how far you need to cast.


Good luck,



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Will, does it look like this one?






I'd never heard of them until you mentioned. Thanks for the education... sounds like you have a collectible on your hands. You should get Grandad Reg to help you build it now.. will be that more special.


"May-18-2006: Finally, those of us who like smooth-casting fly rods (that fish better than so many of the pool cues offered for sale today) will be saddened to learn of the death of J. Kennedy Fisher, whose company sold some wonderful fiberglass and graphite rods (and built blanks for the likes of Winston). Tight loops Mr. Fisher…"



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