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Gold Bar Cubs


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I'm looking for some help tomorrow night at the Gold Bar Community hall (The address is 4620 105 Ave.) There are about 24 Cubs who would like to have the chance to tye a fly. We need to be there for a 6:30 start. They are supplying the coffee.

I can be reached on my cell at 915 3694 if you can help.


Dave M

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...had a blast last night...the four of us were ushered into the center ring to be presented with a badge...it's a darn good thing that we were new and not experienced cubbers...seems that we were supposed to ask for permission to enter the circle and we didn't...they let it slide this time(thank goodness)...the cub leaders, parents and the cubs themselves were great and greeted us with open arms...


...I for one, will gladly help out with any other outings like this in the future...


...last, but not least...thanks to Brian, Ron and Greg for showing up to help out as well...and thanks to Dave(woolly)for organizing this event...and thanks to anyone who I missed and may have overlooked...


... :whoot::cheers::cheers::cheers::whoot:

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