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Recomend A Guide For The North Ram


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was wandering what guide to use for a walk and wade day trip in the north ram. any advice? i was thinking of doing it in august to help me with learning to fly fish. i haven't fly fished yet. i'm signed up for a beginner class at country pleasures this month and i figured by the time aug. rolls around that it would help to do a trip up to the n ram for some fun and i figured i could learn alot from it too. any comments or advice?

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This one popped up in Google Search for the keywords (Ram River Guide).




Myself, I'd just just save the bucks.. drive down the 940 and go fish it at the access points... like at the Ram River Campground we stayed at for Alberta Klave 2003. As I recall, we only ever saw three Cutts there, and Mike and Jim caught them all, after three days of trying for them. I plan to go back this year though... they were big cutts. =)

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A big reason for the guided trip was to learn how to read water, what bugs to look for,and to help improve my casting. Stuff like that. I don't have any friends that fly fish so i'm kind on my own to learn things. I'm hoping to meet a few guys at the club to tag along with eventually and learn from them. But until that happens i'm on my own. You think a full day with a guide is not going to be that helpfull?

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Meeting guys at the club is not a bad idea.

We have a few who are familiar with the area.

Casting help can come at our clinics in May.


If you want a guide who can help with casting, water reading etc

you could do worse that spending a day on the Bow with Barry White (and a buddy to help share the cost).

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Hi Marty:


The one RangerBob googled is very good. Flyfish Alberta is run by Dave Jensen, he's been a guest of the club, and I have gone fishing with him and I highly recommend him.


A good guide can accelerate your learning curve tremendously, increase your skills and knowledge. A good guide is well worth it the money they charge, and I certainly can vouch for Dave.


The other posts have very valid points about getting free help from club members. However, sometimes nothing can be having a pro at your side on stream, on that every day, faced with that day's conditions.


So if you want to spend the money, and have budgeted for it anyways, I say go for it. If you were reluctant to spend the money, and felt you were forcing yourself to do it just because of your inexperience, well, maybe just hooking up with club members is the best way.


If my opinion seems biased in favor of hiring a guide like Dave, well, that just means I was a satisfied customer.



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