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Open Water?

Dragon Troller

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Hi All,


As I am expecting my new pontoon boat within a week or two I would appreciate it if any members notice open water in the next few weeks to please PM me.


I'm starting to vibrate and twitch and can't take it much longer. Must fish must fish soon!!!!






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Heh heh... me and Scratch passed Mikey D on Highway 16 when we got back from fishing open waters. We also noted a poacher out at Wabamun too.. Wab is closed folks.


No.. we didn't fish Wab.. we just checked it out as we passed on by to other :ninja: open waters... that are closeby.. and open all year round as well.



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You are both teasers, where are my PM's? :whootwhoo::fishing:


I should get my boat next week and need somewhere to float it.

Trust me, you need a boat for this spot.. so perhaps we can work something out. The current going through here, is just like fishing a river. :whootwhoo: This is only a small section of this water. Huge it is.. ice free.. all year long for Pike, Walleye, Whitefish, and perhaps the odd three eyed trout. :)




There is even a boat launch.. that is haaardly every used, and easy to drive into... just 30 minutes outside of Edmonton... perhaps.



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DT & Weedy1.... thanks for the 'Northern Invite' tonight. Will get back to you if we can make it... hope to.


Check your PM's for the Google Co-Ordinates to try out your new boat on. Keep it under yer hat eh? A precious place this is... I mean a fishery that's open water in the North all year long.. come on eh. =)


PS - Alan, we gotta take Lundy here for ducks and geese in the Fall this year. Right through to the end of the season. :)

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Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Where did all this white stuff come from last night! :curse: I'm going fishing tomorrow anyways!


PS - There was no snow in that scene when I went to bed last night.


Double Giaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh! I wasn't dreaming last week was I guys? There was now snow last week right? Or am I just having a Deja Vous. A glitch in the Matrix? The snow went away.. and now it's back with a vengeance.. coming down for three whole days now, and more tomorrow.


Must be the curse of "The Bob Sled" -- my penance for selling her this week. My bad.



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