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Hey, I guess you know how I voted here! Someone has to keep my beer away from the Sasksquatch'es and Skwerls! :)






Get your "McLovin" Fake ID cards here.. and post 'em up. There Alan.. Lanny has a Lanny stache. LOL!






''I am still alive and well and have not been killed in some tragic accident involving bears, alcohol, geekery, GPS, fire, water, and/or high voltage. Yet!'' - RB

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LOL! With my single post here.. I have managed to send the NLFTF url to the top result reported in Google on keyword 'rangerliveordie.ca', over that of even Kokanee's own domain name. Snicker! My Flickr url is moving up fast too I see. I kill me.. no wait.




PS - I don't see anyone else posting stache pics... time to fire up the PhotoShop Wars again I guess. Alan.. yer on deck buddy. ;)


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