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Message From Superfly


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Some of may be aware of the assistance rendered by the club to Superfly.


We recieved this message from them yesturday just before our meeting:


"To the amazing Northern Lights Members:


On behalf of all of us at Superfly, I want to thankyou for the tremendous effort that each of you made to assist us at a very critical time.

The members who came out to help symbolize not only their strong commitment to the club, but also the commitment we all have to the sport and the future of fly fishing.

It is through your generous contribution of time and expertise that new fly fishers will start out the right way with the right equipment."

" With thanks "



This kind of effort by our club does not go unnoticed.


Dave (Woolly) M

Pres :fishing:

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Janne's thank you note that you read to us last night as well as her financial contribution is well received and it was our pleasure to help out SuperFly in a time of need. They have done much to support our club over the years and it feels good to have helped them out.



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I too had a great time over at Superfly It felt good to be able to help them out as they have helped us out in the Past.


Jenna & Superfly Thank you for the Contribution to the club and all the help You have Given us in the Past.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump:

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Cudos to the club member's for all their efforts in promoting the club, and the sport at large. Indeed, a huge thanks to SuperFly as well.. that's simply amazing the AMOUNT of the financial contribution they made. That will go a long ways indeed!

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