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Beginners Fly Tying Seminar - April 12, 2008


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A one-day Instructional Seminar
Saturday, April 12th, 2008
Featuring one-on-one instruction by members of
The Northern Lights Fly Tyers & Fishers
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Equipment Required (Bring your own):
Fly Tying Vise,
(If you don’t have them, the Club has a limited number of basic vises and equipment to use. Materials required for patterns to be tied will be provided by the Club.)

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
Main Campus - Room A147
From 8:30 am to 3:30pm
Cost: Members: $5.00
Non-Members: $25.00
(Includes club membership)

Registration and Contacts:

Tickets can be purchased from the Northern Lights Fly Tyers and Fishers booth at the Show or at the door.

Space limited so to ensure a seat, buy a ticket at the Fishin Hole Outdoor show or contact:

Brian Bleackley @ 483-1374 or Dave Murray @ 473-6293
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Volunteer sign up:


We need (4) volunteers at a minimum for this event:


Instruction / Heckling

1. Dave Robinson

2. Greg Scratchley

3. Dennis Southwick




A. Dave Murray

B. Ron Hagen



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Today was awesome!!

learned a lot of new things, and need to practice before I forget...


Thanks to all the volunteers, your time was greatly appreciated a real sacrifice on a 18 degree day when you could be fishing. I am sure once I get good at this I will return the favor. was a great day for me..


Thanks again everyone.



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Here are some pics from the show.


Posted Image


Me and Scratch went 4x4'ing afterwards down to the river to check things out. You just find the darndest things off-road when you aren't expecting it. Aye, soon time to toss those monitors out and go fishing.. especially after these nice 20C days we're having, things should melt quickly. Not soon enough!


Posted Image


Nice job on those flies today Steve.. you are well on your way. For sure, you get out of the club.. what you put into it. Thanks to those whom set it up, and ditto to the rest of the crew for spending the time to help others learn the craft. We know you'll all pass on what you've learned here.. and after all that's what it's all about. Learn something new.. every day, pass it along and share with others! Okay, perhaps not all my fishing holes though.

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