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Wednesday March 19th, 2008


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Tyer: Dennis Southwick

Pattern: Small Stoneflies (Micro-caddis)

Hook: #16 Klinkhammer Extreme

Bead: Gold Tungsten

Thread 8/0 Clear or Glitter Thread

Legs: Rubber Hackle

Body: Larva Lace – clear – micro or midge

Wingcase: Nymph Skin

Head Peacock dubbing


Note: Dennis will do a session covering the use and tying

small stonefly nymph imitations. If time permits he will also

demonstrate a Lime Trude.




Beginners Session #12


Pattern: Revisit the Basics


Comment: This session will help out the new members who

have joined in the last few weeks with the very basic stuff.

We’ll talk about equipment and materials. For continuing

Beginner participants, this will be an opportunity to catch

on patterns you missed. If you let Dave Robinson know in

advance he’ll have the appropriate materials available.

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