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Wednesday March 5th, 2008

dave robinson

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The newsletter for March has been posted to the main web page. (Thanks Scratch)

A limited number of copies will be available at the meeting for those who can't print it off the web.


Our first March meeting is on Chironomids.

Greg Scratchley will be doing a demo of a few patterns.

He was suppopsed to do it last month but family matters intervened.

What that means is he's had some more time to prepare, so it should be a knockout, right Scratch?


For beginners, we'll be tying up a CDC caddis.

You won't find this one in your regular pattern books.

The goal will be to try a new material and see how we can tie a multipurpose fly.

For those beginners who have just joined us, I'll go real slow.

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March 5, 2008


Tyer: Greg Scratchley


Pattern: Imitative Chironomids


See previous month thread here:






Beginners Session #11


Pattern: CDC Caddis

Hook: Tiemco 101 - #10 to #16

Thread: 6/0 to 8/0 Olive

Body: Yellowish-olive Anton dubbing

Underwing: Tan Antron

Wing & legs: Natural CDC plume

Head Olive Antron dubbing


Comment: This is a variation of an Elk Hair caddis that uses

the floating properties and movement of CDC to place the fly

in the film. We’ll discuss how a fly can be adapted to serve

several different situations.

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doh! I was hoping to be there for Scratches presentation/demo - but family duties kept me from making it out tonight....


Any patterns going to get posted here or on another site?

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Yep - I'll be posting the video as soon as possible as I recorded the demo live tonight. :)


Well - I'll be posting the doubleback chironomid anyway - the other two were toooo easy :)

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