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hello all,


My name is Will Frohn and have been fly fishing for a few years. I come from a fly fishing family known as the Denny's and hope to be a good contributor to the sport of fly fishing as my family has in the past. My grandfather is Reg Denny as i think most of you know him through his shop.


Keep Fishing,


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Welcome Willie!!!


You can come to a meeting to register, Hope to see you at a few meetings or some Wednesday night fishing trips.


I have not been to a meeting for a while but soon hopefully.


Now that my nephew may be joining I really do feel old now!

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I still miss that flyshop. :cry:


Roy, you remembered your password... I'm impressed. :whootwhoo:


Maturing with age, yea! I surprised myself as well. Thank heavens for windows auto login in :D . I hope I remember how to cast, hoping to take in some casting seminars!



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