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Hello Everyone


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Hi everyone,


My name is Steven Pollard and I am living in South Edmonton. I grew up in Newfoundland and love to fly fish. I have a few quetions about the Northern Lights Club.

I dont tie flies and would I feel out of place if I attend the meetings. I know I would love to meet new people and discuss fly fishing, and have some people to fish with.


I may score my dads fly tying kit later on so who knows :)


I am currently trying to find a used pontoon boat, cant afford to buy a new one with all the accessories. Anyways if anyone knows of someone selling please let me know.


Thanks and I look forward posting on this board.



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You do not need the ability or interest in fly tying to attend meetings.

If you are interested in fishing and in particular fly fishing, then you definitely won't feel out of place.

Our members are a very friendly bunch and Wednesday meetings are as much about meeting and conversing with fellow fishermen as they are about techinques, tips and tying. Heck, I know we have some ice fishermen and spin fishers in the crowd along with some closet bait chuckers (If salmon fishing with cut plug herring makes you a bait chucker, then I guess I'll have to plead guilty). I think we even have a couple of transplaned Newfies.

Also, our programs are not just fly tying. They cover the whole gamut of fishing related topics. For example, within the last month we've had presentations on Fishing Knots and Outdoor Survival Equipment. This week Scratch and I will be doing a presentation on furled leaders. If you don't know what they are or have never seen one, you owe it to yourself to come and find out.

If you do decide to try fly tying, bring along that kit and I'll be glad to give you a hand. We've had a couple of guys join in the last two weeks who are in exactly the same boat as you tying wise. We do have regular beginner sessions about every two weeks and we will have an all day beginner session one Saturday in early spring.

If that isn't enough to entice you, then you should also know that we offer member only fly casting seminars in the spring. There's one day beginner and intermediate sessions planned (dates to be set, but likely in late April or early May). We have some very experienced casters in the club who can help sort out casting problems and improve your distance, accuracy and ability to handle different casting situations.

So don't be shy. Come on out to a meeting and introduce yourself. You will feel right at home.

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