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Fe-brew-ary 20, 2008


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Tyer: Greg Scratchley


Pattern: Imitative Chironomids


Note: Scratch was short on details, but he did say he’ll deal with larvae, pupae and adults. I suspect he’ll be using a range of materials and hooks to create a variety of patterns that are closer to the naturals than the typical bits of wire and plastic. Either that or he’ll fake it.


Beginners Session #10


Pattern: Adams

Hook: Tiemco 101 - #14 to #18

Thread #8/0 Gray or Black

Wing White turkey flat

Tail: Grizzly hackle fibers

Body: Gray Anton dubbing

Hackle Mixed brown and grizzly hackle


Comment: This is a generic may fly imitation. Often used as a searching pattern for rises to unknown insects. But don’t ever use it on grayling




Note From RB: There is a REASON Scratch was short on details. You don't wanna miss this one! I've seen this NEW "KILLER KROMNOMIDGUSSES" it's HAWESOME! To be released FIRST to the members of NLFT&F. My hat is off to Scratch on this one.. and my carpet where the original prototype lays someplace. This patten is gonna slay them at Muir Lake this year! :whootwhoo:


PMS - To the NOOB's.. you don't want to watch Dave teach you how to tye an Adams. Watch this KILLER DEMO instead tonight (seeing as only two of you came out to my RBE demo) to see how you can EVOLVE as a TYER by paying attention to BUGS!


PPMS - There did I hype it up enough for you buddy!?

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I'm afraid I'll have to re-schedule this demo folks. (Sorry - forgive the new programs monkey.)


I've been called away on family matters to Victoria from Saturday until next wednesday. As a result I will not be in a position (unless something changes) to demo next week. I'll move my demo to a night in march as I do think the pattern will spur some interest before fishing season.


In my place - if anyone would be interested in doing a tying demo, please let me know - otherwise it will be a free tie night.




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No sweat Mr Scratch. Family comes first.

We'll beat the bushes tonight for a stand in. Although I'm not sure they'll be as entertaining as the (SJ) "worm man" . Speaking of which, I can lay hands on a whole slew of coffee tins if you want. Not hills brothers, but what the hey, they should function the same.

If we can't find a sucker (er volunteer), I can always do the Adams for everybody, not just the beginners. I've been researching and practicing. Dang but the traditional two color hackles are tougher than I thought. My first few ended up like gray bodied Griffith's Gnats. To heck with the stupid little hackle tip wings too. Too fussy by far. Much better with turkey flats. I got down to 16s OK and hope to give 18s a try this week.

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At this late date I have no volunteers to tie a pattern in lieu of the absent Mr Sctatch. So unless somebody steps forward, you all will be treated to a short demo of an Adams (intended for the beginners) by yours truly.

And I do mean short. Immediately after the demo I will be going outside (weather permitting) with my binoculars to view the total lunar eclipse.

If you're interested, bring your own binos or you can borrow my spare set and have a look at a relatively rare astronomical occurance. The forecast is for clear with cloudy periods so it may not be crystal clear, but we should see something, unlike last fall when the last one was a complete washout. Partial eclipse starts about 6:45 with totality running between about 8:00 and 8:50.

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