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Annual General Meeting

dave robinson

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The AGM seemed to go off as a relatively benign affair.

I counted about 40 odd (pun intended) attendees.

I missed the first 1/2 hour or so thanks to a brain dead de-icing crew at the Calgary airport.

However I made it in time to hear a couple of annual reports and make my own on the newsletter.

Election of officers went without a hitch, and we actually had to cast ballots for one position.

The new executive are:

President of the Club : Dave Murray (aka Woolly)

President of Vice: Brian Bleackley

Secretary (who's ready to put in her 10 cents worth) : Pauline Huss

Treasurer: Rick Lang (must not be enough in the treasury to escape to the Bahamas)

Program: (Proud Papa) Greg Scratchley

Membership: Brian Donnely (aka Rod-Knee Dangerfield)

Libarian (our chief Bookie): Jerry Plastow

FES Rep: Emmerson (the Fishing Machine) Dober

Newsletter: Dave Robinson (Maybe I shoulda left for NZ while the getting was good)

Thanks to all those who stepped up to the plate and offered their services to the club for the next year.

And special thanks go out to Brian Bleakley, Vince Schembri and Dennis Southwick for their efforts in their previous executive roles over the last year. The club's success is due in no small part to their hard work. Now the work of the new exec starts. Lets hope we can match last year's efforts.

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