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Welcome to the site.

I see from your alias and photo that you are a canoe fishereman and from your photo that you have that well developed partial sidearm casting style necessitated by fishing from a canoe. If you live around Edmonton, I'll have to introduce you to Chiquita, my 17 1/2 ft Clipper. Shes' got a pretty good anchoring system for chironomid fishing, but I'm always looking for "ballast".

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Hey Scratch!

If you chase all potential ballast away, you might get nominated to substitute.

And don't worry, I don't put flies into hats or jackets of the bow guy,

unless he critiques my casting prowess too often that is.

He only need ignore the odd weighted wolley bugger smacking into the gunwhale behind him.

If "ballast" can't paddle or ballance a canoe, there's always standby duty

as bow anchor manager in Zoie the zodiak.

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Thanks for the flattering photo RB. :P

And thanks for the critiques from those who got a free ride. :beating:

"Ballast" was too busy studying and stream fishing to do his normal duties :fishfish:

hence the not so subtle recruiting drive. :pimp:

I'll also have you note that Brian D manged to go fishing with me without braking any rods

So it can't be that bad a deal. ;)

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:coffeetime: Howdy to you as well! The ballast part is priceless.Can I guess the name of the lake at which the canoe is being launched? DAHLBERG.Any how welcome aboard :thumbup:
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Howdy Folks! Just signed up, and thought I'd introduce myself!


Good Day!

Welcome o the nut house.


If yo paddle you can't be ballast.


Dave M (aka woolly)

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