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Ice Fishing near Edmonton


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There are plenty of opportunities close to the city - depending on your target of choice...


Star, Sauer and Chickakoo offer trout (Chick has brookies too..) - closer to town both Beaumont and Hermitage offer small stocked trout too.


Jackfish (just south of Mink / Star) has plenty of small pike, or you've got Isle, La Nonne, Wabamun, and Hasse for Perch. (Isle, La Nonne and Wab also host large numbers of Pike and whitefish.)


Frankly - you've got lots of opportunity close to town - just a question of your range, and target fish. :)



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I'm looking for a lake near town, for an ice fishing expedition, any suggestions?

Thanks Scratch. I tried Star and enjoyed the day, but looks like I should have gone to Hasse. Hope that guy with the club has left some for the rest of us.
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Yuo really think RB caught those?? What do you think the club was for?

There are many sleeping icefishers on Hasse.



HE HE HE :vikinjg:::beating:



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