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Next I suppose someone will be posting that Parkland County is going to install a toll gate next year to go fishing at Muir like they already do at Hasse and Jackfish. If we're starting rumors, let's go with that one too.


Aye, we need a picture of that sign. Post if you can!


PS - I was out ice-fishing at Hasse on Sunday. The toll gate was vandalized. I wouldn't expect things to change at Muir either much if they did contemplate such a thing.. ever. Just think about all that toll revenue they would collect each year, just to simply cover rebuilding the toll gate. Cause we know they don't spend the money on keeping any of their poopers clean. :whootwhoo:

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Man does that suck or what? The part that especially burns my butt :angry::curse::angry::curse: is the reference to "your own private fishing spot." [satire] It's so nice to see real estate agents and developers cash in on the hard work of fishing clubs and volunteers. [/satire] Terry

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Reference to "your own private fishing spot" are indeed interesting words. If a buyer, say an overseas buyer, were to purchase, site unseen and expected a private lake based on the realtors description I do believe the realtor would find himself in a pile of poop as there is nothing private about Muir.



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I would suggest a few letters of complaint to this realtor requesting that he change the description to:


"Enjoy advantage of waterfront living with summer access to a well regulated public fishery."


from the current:


"Enjoy advantage of waterfront living w/your own private fishing spot & year-round lake access by choosing this upscale location for your new home!"



The connotation of "private fishing" is not only ludicrous, but misleading - and year round access to the lake while true - does not include fishing, again misleading.

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Like most realtor's ads, this one is long on hype and short on reality.


I'd like to know how one has "private access to the lake through environmental reserve".

I thought enviromental reserve was either public land for which no "private access " would occur

or was private land with restrictions on development, including access paths.


Another thing that's hard to tell from the ad is whether or not this is more than one parcel.

It sounds on the surface like a country residential development,

but close reading makes it seem more like one lot within an existing subdivision.


Tricky wording makes one think the property is actually on the water.

It talks about "panoramic views of Muir Lake" and

"advantage of water front living" and "year round lake access"

but nowhere does it actually say "waterfront property".


My guess is that it's one lot for sale in the exisitng subdivision either north or east of the lake,

the property is not actually on the lake, but abuts the local community reserve

where the walking paths and skido trails go.

Maybe someone should do a drive-by to see if they can find the "for sale" sign


If it does front the water I'd be curious to know what the County's restrictions are on:

1. How close to the water one can build.

2. What kind of sewage mangement system is required

3. Where the homeowner can get their water from

4. Physical construction within the water body (docks etc)

5. Whether the homeowner will be allowed to "manage aquatic vegetation"


There are many lakeside communities that have severe restrictions on the above.

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  • 5 weeks later...

7 lots. I assume the "park" in front is a 200 foot greenbelt which is required on any new developments near lake property. (If my memory serves me correct.)

By the way this land (27 acres) was for sale in 1995 for $580,000, down from the original $850,000 asking price.


Posted Image

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Hey Al:

Beer and Bait? i'm surprised!

I thought for sure you'd have Lanny managing a Haggis and Single Malt Shop.

I would likely attract a slightly better class of customer,

If you could keep the employee out of the stock that is.

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Kevin is taking the Cessna out to Muir on the 16th for some aerial reconnaissance on your land speculation project. Because it's only a two-seater though Scratch will have to find other alternative means of travel again this time. My suggestion would be to buy and build on 'Tim Horton's Island' (a.k.a. The Fortress Of Solitude for "The Muir Justice League").


Install a nice long draw bridge (a.k.a. casting dock) so you can have a natural moat... no wait.. that will never happen. :)


Muir Countdown


Posted Image


Muir Lake Opens On:

May 1, 2008

In just 84 days, 2 hours 44 minutes.

PS - Yes, I just fixed the 'Muir Lake Countdown' on the main page... cause I know y'all be asking soon.

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Hey Dave,


As you know, me being a kilt wearing, sword carrying Highlander - it will be mandatory for Lanny to have at least 5 bottles of God's gift to the world under the counter right next to the Cubans.


Lanny told that we'll even sell a few flies in between the red wiggler sales.





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