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Ice.. Ice.. Baby!


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Might be doing a little extreme hard water fly fishing this Saturday... cause like the water is a frozen solid fer the next 6 months.


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This could very well be the greatest thing since sliced bread. We'll see if my new 4" Laser Auger ($92) and 7.2V cordless drill ($40) are up to the task. If not, I guess I have reason to get a 19.2 V drill then. So, really, it's a win-win situation. Oh yeah, I got the adapter for $20 at Bass Pro (50% off) last week in Toronto. Much more environmentally friendly then a gas auger too wouldn't you say?


Talk about an EXTREME fishing store! Can't wait until Bass Pro opens up in Alberta next year. You guys are gonna be blow away by this store... so is the competition. :whootwhoo:




::ice fish::

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But I mean really... think about what "Grumpy Old Men" did for Ice Fishing.. kinda like what "A River Runs Through It" did for fly-fishing.


"Grumpy Old Men Outakes"



Hmm... I may have to go pop this in now... to get into the ice-fishing mood.

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PayPlay.. what a great site. First I discovered these artists...


http://payplay.fm/joelfafard1/mp3 - Rocking Horse by Joel Fafard - *Fire Breathing Trout* Great CD!


http://payplay.fm/artist/Geodesium - *A Gentle Rain Of Starlight* Awesome CD!


And now this one.


Posted Image




Their Website:




Hoo boy... cabin fever is coming early this year. Indeed... I am quite bored tonight... but enough posting on the board. Must go listen to my new booty.

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