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Skip Morris and Rick Hafele (aka Bugwan)


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and the jokes continue....yes, without a doubt I will go to the dark side and nymph this year...provided the moon and the stars line up and further provided the it is an odd number day on an odd numbered month that does not start with a A, M, J or an S.


All kidding aside...this is the year that I will at least double the amount of time spent nymphing.



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What a huge commitment from Vincenzo!

He's actually going to nymph fish for about 15 minutes!

That's just about long enough to figure out that his fly isn't on the bottom.


As for moon and stars aligning.....

Does this mean Vince is going to nymph fish the Red Deer on February 21st?

It is an odd numbered day in a month that starts with F

And after all, if a total lunar eclipse isn't a proper alignment of the moon and a star,

I don't know what is.

And yes, you read right, expect a total lunar eclipse early evening of February 21st.

So get that "bobber" ready Vince. We'll hold you to your word!

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