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Skip Morris and Rick Hafele (aka Bugwan)


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January 19, 20 2008
The Northern Lights and Trout Unlimited Edmonton Present
Skip Morris and Rick Hafele

Main Campus - Grant McEwan Community College
Room 6-212
9 am to 5 pm Saturday
9 am to 4 pm Sunday
Cost: Both days $80.00

Tickets available through the Northern Lights Fly Tyers or call Brian at 780-718-1428

Fly Fishing Slide Shows
Presentations on Fishing Techniques
Fly Tying Demonstrations
Different Program Each Day
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Boys and Girls


A Happy New year to one and all.


I'm starting to get get real excited about our up-coming seminar featuring Skip and Rick. The two day seminar is going to be a blast and I know for sure that I will learn lots about nymphing from Rick. This MAY Be the year that i go deep so the seminar will be of special interest to me. If you have not purchaesd your ticket to the show...don't wait...do it now.



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Yesirree! This will be a great seminar!

If you're a member who aint' got your ticket yet,

make sure to get out to the meeting tonight before the discount expires.


Vince Go Deep?

This I gotta see!

Maybe we should start a "Vince Nymphing Pool".

We can do it on the "buy a square" method

with each square having a number for the minutes he actually nymph fishes.

Proceeds from the pool to help Brian D pay for the next rod he breaks.

Edited by dave robinson
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I thought I had a picture of Vince nymphing this spring, and I was going to post it to blow his cover. However, when I checked it out, I found that when he is nymphing, he becomes invisible to my camera -- strange but true. I'll try again this spring/summer, if we can get him to give it another go. Terry


Confucius say: He who fishes with nymph catch most fish.

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Terry & Dave


Man this just keeps getting better and better. Confucius, as far as I know, did not fly fish but in looking this up I came across an old Sicilian proverb that goes....

"A fish caught on the dry is worth two on the nymph"


Terry, get your camera ready buddy...I need someone to record my nymphing moments.



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.............an old Sicilian proverb that goes....

"A fish caught on the dry is worth two on the nymph"

I thought that old Sicilian saying went more lika dis :):) :


"A fisha dats caught onada dry, isa wortha two onada nymph."


Any, I'll stick with Confucious. Terry

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Seems to me Vince said he was going to fish deep last yr. I think I saw that for about all of 5min so fishing to Vince this year means 10min. That will double his nymphing for this year. Vince talking about cigar I've brought a couple back from Cuba for you & Brian B. Hope to see you tomorrow usual place still have a couple of days holidays left.


Tight Lines Aways

Dennis S.

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The Big Weekend is here! :clap:

Skip and Rick should have hit town about the time I post this.


Northern Lights and TU members will get a preview tonight at 7pm at Queen Mary Park :kicks:

Bring your membership card and $5


Books by the two authors will be for sale and autograph and you get to rub elbows and swap tales and secrets with our guests. :secret:


Those who haven't already bought tickets for Saturday & Sunday can still get them at the door.

Coffee's on at 9 am at Grant McEwan main campus Room 6-212. :coffeetime:

Don't miss this event!

Skip and Rick have lots of interesting stuff planned, we have a load of terrific stuff to raffle off and you get to meet a few fellow fly fishers. :cheers:


See ya there! :fish_jump:

Edited by dave robinson
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I second that motion.

Once again NLFT&F and TU Edmonton proved that they can mount a great show.

Skip and Rick were great presenters giving lots of practical information.

Not a dull moment and many, many laughs and smiles.


Organizing and putting on an event like this takes a lot of volunteer effort.

At the risk of missing someone, I will only mention a few who did yeoman service.

Dennis for "travel" and venue arrangements

Brian B for general organizing and solicitation of raffle items

Rick for planning, travel and treasury work

Brian D for book sales and door duty

Mike and Emmerson for raffle duty.

Scratch and Commercial Solutions for an amazing printed program

Bill G and Scratch for "enlightening" A/V work

Jerrry P for late night framing

Dave M for being a fine MC and keeping everything on time

All our corporate contributors who contributed raffle items and advertised in the program


I'm sure I missed several names, so thanks to those unsung heroes who pitched in wherever needed.


Special thanks to all those who bought tickets, showed up and purchased books and raffle tickets.

Your attentiveness, courtesy and warm welcome to our presenters did not go unnoticed


And a big thanks to Rick Hafele and Skip Morris for two fine days

We hope to see you here again, soon, perhaps in fishing season!

Edited by dave robinson
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What can I say....another great show. Lots of great info that I know will come in handy as this is the year that I'm going to go deep. I also would like to thank all of the fine club members who made this years seminar a huge success. The attention to detail was awesome, the contributions made by the suppliers was indeed awesome and as far as I can see all of the elements came together in a first class fashion.


I spoke to Skip and Rick a number of times throughout the weekend and they both said that NLFT is a top shelve club.


My thanks go to all of the guys that made this a great seminar...you know who you are....and to those who were not mentioned that once again stepped up to the plate and helped when asked with no questions asked.


First class job guys....I'm now looking forward to next years.



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Again this yr show was Great. It was a first class show put on by Rick and Skip We have added a couple of more friends to our list.


As Vince said a lot of was learnt this weekend even learning that certian Caddis's churp. I can't wait until the first time I fall in to hear the churping caddis.


I also can not wait to see Vince go deep this year (Again)


Thank to all who donated to the show and a big thanks to all that showed up. With out you we don't have a show


A Big Thanks


Tight Lines always

Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump:

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I also can not wait to see Vince go deep this year (Again)

I think we can turn him over to the dark side yet.. and make him a 'Nymphomaniac' yet... if we don't "Hog-it-titis" the honey hole all to ourselves.




PMS - Aye, great show. Got the creative juices flowing looking at all that 'Bug P0rn'. I've already developed a half dozen new patterns that I can't wait to test this spring as a result.

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:thumbup::thumbup: Great entertainment indeed - not to mention educational. Definitely inspired to try tying up some dragonfly patterns, and to also try tying up some smaller flies. Other than some swap flies, I think that the bulk of my tying has been #10 and larger - I think its a case of Swan-hog-mosis.


And yes - looking forward to hearing who's lined up for next year!

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