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Club in Wales

dave robinson

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A friend of my wife put me in touch with some of his Welsh friends .

Their club sounds a lot like ours.

I've given them our web page url and hope to have Scratch post theirs on our links page.

You should visit their page, register and log into their forum.

They have lots of videos on beginner flies, some quite different from ours

and photos of some of their outings for graying and trout.

They may make good partners for a future fly swap.


The web page url is:


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I've been carrying on a bit of a conversation with Alan Parfit in their forum.

I've been thinking of proposing a swap in the new year.

Any ideas on a theme?

Maybe favorite grayling flies?

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I will be swapmeister if I can get a hand in sorting and packaging the return flies.

I'd suggest we do favorite grayling flies.

Let's limit it to 6 to 8 participants on each side of The Pond.

We'll need quite a bit of lead time for them to get organized,

so maybe a deadline for finished flies in the mail by the end of February.

We'll have to do parallel posts on their forum and ours

where swappers can sign up and list their pattern so there are no duplicates.


So lets tentatively call it:

The Wales - Alberta Grayling Fly Swap

Maximum of eight participants each from:

Gwynt Angling Society and Northern Lights Fly Tyers and Fishers

Flys to tie - 16 each of:

Your Favorite Grayling Fly

Flies to be forwarded to:

Dave Robinson in Edmonton for sorting and distribution

Deadline for flies in the mail is February 28th, 2008.

Include a note with each fly containing:

Tyer, pattern name, pattern details

Include a return container with sufficient postage to cover return of 16 flies


An option is for Gwynt to have a parallel swapmeister

All Gwynt tiers would forward their flies to him and he would send the complete packege to me.

I'd assemble all the Edmoton flies, do the sort and package

and return all the Gwynt packages to him at the single return address.

The Gwynt swapmeister would distribute their packages to their participants.


That's likely to save a bit on postage


I've passed the contents of this post on to Alan and asked him to guage their response.

I've included the links to the NLFT&F and RBs swap descriptions.



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