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Wabamun outlets for Pike?


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  • 2 years later...

Has anyone been to Wabamun lately?


Last time I checked, in the spring, the outlets weren't flowing and the Pike fishing sucked from the channels... I'm wondering if anyone has been there recently.


hey man i was there last weekend, it was busy as hell i only seen one fish caught and that was right at the little rapid area going up the out wash from the plant

i will be there this weekend, ill be the guy in waders out in the water


good luck


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Some friends post on another board at http://www.topfreeforum.com/fff/viewforum....&mforum=fff


They've been out to Wabamun the last couple of weeks. Have a look at what they've been catching.


Note: They are not fly fishing if you are faint of heart..lol..


See ya




I'm having a little trouble with this link. Do I need to register or something to view it? Have you been out since this posting? I'm very happy to hear the water is open...this is the only fishing option that keeps me sane until fly fishing season. Here's a picture of one of the smaller ones I caught a couple years back. I got 2 in '08 that tipped the scale at 17lbs...I can't seem to find the pics on my work computer.




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