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November 7th Meetng

dave robinson

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This week you get a chance to watch and heckle your executive members

as we set ourselves up at various tables to tye a favorite pattern or two.

Bring your tying gear and tie along with us.

It will probably be more productive than watching another Oiler game on the tube.

I'll be tying a quill body PMD dun and Roman Scharabun's version called the RS quad

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What a great meeting last night....I've never seen so many vice's at one time as I saw last night. Seemed to me that everybody was doing a tye of some kind....I even learned, thanks to Emmerson, the correct way to tye the Emmerson Nymph. Now all I need to do is to get into the zone to actually fish a nymph.



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As a long time NLFTC member, it was really encouraging to be at the meeting last night.

Not only were there a bunch of flies being tied,

but the level of energy and conversation was higher than we've seen for years.

I did a straw poll of both long time and new members and without exception everybody had fun.

So the changes we've made, although seemingly small, are having a big positive effect.

The only surprising thing was how little I was heckled.

I look forward to the next meeting!



Vince, isn't it called the Emmerson Worm?

(or for those who don't recognise a bit of plagerism between friends, the Wiebe Worm)?

If we catch you with one of those on the hook, we might accuse you of fishing with worms.


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I myself also being a long time member was amazed at the amount of vises :eek: we had last night. I haven't seen anything like that in 6 or 7 yrs. It was great to see. I enjoy myself last night very much. :coffeetime: Sessions like that has lot for both beginners & experince tiers. Lots of fellowship was had by and all alolng with some very good friendly heckling. In General a fun time.


We will diffenetly have a few more meetings like that.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump:

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Emmerson Worm, Wiebe Worm or Emmerson Nymph....not sure what to call this little beauty so I think I'll just wait for Emmerson to pick the correct name. I much prefer nymph to worm but hey its Emmerson's call.


As far as the lack of heckling...I can and will correct that during our next meeting....thanks for the reminder.



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