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New Meeting Format


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I, for one, really think that the new format for our weekly meetings is a vast improvement over the way the meetings have been held. The new way the tyer presents and the way the table's are now set up for our members to tye along and to continue to tye after the presentation is terriffic. Having coffe on (thanks to Gerry & Emmerson) and being able to walk around from table to table as members tye right to 9 pm I think is a vast improvement. Job well done guys...I think we have a winner here.



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I agree Vince.

To me the important part of last night was the number of face to face conversations happening.

With the previous setup, you could only really converse with the guy on either side of you,

Now you can get 5 or six into a chat.

Also there seems to be more mobility, where you can walk around and socialize with more people.

One of the keys in the future I think will be to continue to have tyers present.

What's going on at the vice makes for a great icebreaker.


The acoustics for the presenter are way better as well.

Even with a bit of talk in the back, we could easily hear Rick.


Kudos to Rick for the double demo as it gave an indication that one could tye along if one wanted.

I suspect we will see more vices at the next demo.

One thought there is that those who want to tye along could maybe just haul a chair up to the demo table

after the presentation is done and sit right there to tye the pattern with the presenter's help.


Thanks to Gerry and Emerson for the coffee.

It too makes for a great icebreaker and a reason to stick around for a while.


My guess is that we'll see a definite improvement in atmosphere over the next few weeks.

Well done guys!

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I also thought it was a great evening. As stated one could wonder around and get envolved in more that one conversation and questions could be asked and answer.

I too enjoyed the coffee :coffeetime: thanks again to Gerry & Emmerson for the coffee. ::coffee::


Let keep this up Guys


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump:

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