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::coffee:: Mel from the nlft club clued me into this site.We hope to start a club of our own in Whitecourt. The first members Mel,Tom and myself will be off to the Little Smokey tomorrow.We will let you know how the day turns out. :fish_jump:
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Welcome Mctuber.


You should enjoy fishin with Mel. She doesnt catch any fish so there should be no compitition for you. I also dont think she can tie flies although she says she can. ;)


Of course that is all said tongue in cheak. Hope you guys had a good day fishin and left some for those of us not smart enough to make the trip while the weather is nice.



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We made it to the Little Smokey on Sunday. It was, of course a great time. I caught my first grayling…YeeeeeHaaaa!!! As Mctuber mentioned, we are starting up a club out in Whitecourt. We are having our first meeting tonight and it sounds like there should be around a dozen of us. I’ll keep you all posted on how it goes!!


Happy Fishn’



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