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Info Requested

Dragon Troller

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So I emailed a Fisheries Biologist,


He stated that the lake is 244ha 10 times the size of Muir and is quite shallow. The sticklebacks there are the only species that can survive due to lack of oxygen.


Not sure if this information is usefull to FESA or not. There are 2 subdivisions there so I believe power and road access may not be an issue.


I'm no biologist but it is a big lake near Edmonton which contains no gamefish and has power nearby. I would think that if Aeration can overcome the depth factor it might be worth investigating.


Who knows?

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OK I just got more info from the biologist


Heres a quote


"My report says max depth 4 m and an average depth of 3m –it was assessed of having a sportfish rating of ‘nil’. For trout I am guessing that they would be thermally stressed in the summer (like the fish are at Muir) and aeration would be a huge undertaking to avoid winterkill –it goes completely anoxic in the winter."


Ohh Well :drinked:

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I think that the average depth is better than Muir also I think the deepest piont also is still as deep or deeper than Muir. As for summer stress maybe its time to think about year round airation Again as you say costly. It would be worth will if we could great a fishery that compares with Swan or even Cow at its hayday.


Worth a look as you say.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump:

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