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What a weekend


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Boys and Girls


What a weekend....great fishing, great weather, great camping, great food and drink and great company. I joined Dennis on a beautiful little creek west of the city for a camping / fishing adventure. Joined by Rick on Saturday along with our newest club member Loren. I got to the campsite about 3:30 and started to fish about 4 pm and by the time I got off the water at 7pm, I must have brought in about 25 graying. Saturday was about the same for all of us including Loren who brought in about 30 or so and all of them were a good size...about 12 to 15 inches. Sunday was a bit slower but great nonetheless.


I've attached a few pictures.....


Dennis bringing in a beautifull little Grayling




One of my grayling




One of my beauties netted




Rick and Loren coming in for lunch




Loren's little beauty




All in all a great weekend and looking for many more.



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Dito to Vince it was a great time and can not wait to go again. The company was fantastic the weather was t he best and the fish were more than acommadating. I even got a picture of Vince actually (Shhhhh) Nymphing. :whootwhoo::eek: Loren again mopped the floor with us :vikinjg:: it seemed almost every cast and she had a fish on. :clap: I think its time she took us out to teach us how its done. We saw a fine set of Wolf tracks. :eek: (yes guys it was a wolf as I check with my track book when I got home. Kitties done leave claw marks) They were huge. We saw lots of water and still didn't get to where we want to go.


It was hard to say what the fly of choice was as most all worked some better then others right Loren. For Loren it was the Adams then Rick got her doing a hopper drop and both the evil weevle and the hopper worked. Rick was using the Mojo hopper and SA hopper which seem to work will for him. Then he switch to his EZ hopper and the work really will. I used the Parchute Royal Wulff in Purple then same dry with a 16 prince nymph that work very will. Vince said he couldn't find a fly that wouldn't work.


We all had a great time. Thanks Fishing Buddies. I get to teach Loren to tie flies ::coffee::


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S. :fishing::fish_jump:

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Lets try this again. Stupid English keyboard lost he last one.


I think I recognize some of that water.

Looks like a fine weekend.

More fishy looking thant the muddy tidal water here they call the Colne River.

The only fly shop in Colchester has more guns than fly rod by about 10 to 1.

Their fly collection was even more sparse and aimed at Carp and Rudd.

Thos were the only species available locally to fish.

And at over $200 to fish a pond for them with bait, I gave it a miss.



Instead I toured a Normal Castle built shortly afer the battle of Hastings in 1066.

Now if you think that's old, it was built on the ruined foundation of a Roman Temple built in 65 AD.

So I'd imagine after almost 200 years of non C&R there's no fish left that aren't stocked or inedible.

No fishing for the next few days either, we'll be in London.




Please have the newsletter stuff ready for when I get back on the 25th

I'll only have a day to get it done for October.

And I get to teach Loren the beginnier course, so don't give her any bad habits.

With proper instruction, given the recent fish catching experience

she'll probably be out-tying you in a few weeks anyway.


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Well Dave to bad about those muddy tidal waters there. Hope your have a great time and actrally get a chance to see some of those famous English fishing spots.

As for the news letter will try really hard to get Oct for you when you get back I've got the tiers I think. Its just getting the speakers. :eek:


On the tying and teaching I possibily couldn't have any bad habits right Rick & Vince. :laugh:


I might even try to prove them wrong on wed. night I'll do something they think I cann't do.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump:

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