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Muir or Star


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Hi All,


Was thinking I might head out Monday night for a few hours to either Star or Muir.......I have a lot more experience on Muir, but it has stung more often than not this 2007 season..........I have NO experience with Star in the fall, so any advice would be welcome........if you were me and had a choice, which lake would you pick?


Anybody been out on either in the last week or so? Are the Backswimmers present yet.....if not.....what then, Woolly Buggers? Scuds? Leeches?


I look forward to your reply. Thank you.


Best Regards,


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Friday there was a fair amount of both backswimmers and boatman. No one was having a lot of luck mind you. Saturday the fishing was a little better although very few backswimmers or boatman seen. The fish are quite dispersed throughout the lake. Water temp is running around 60f on the surface so you should find them almost anywhere. I found some in 17ft of water and 1foot at around 8pm.

13 fish in about 13 hours of fishing between the two days. Not exactly spectacular.

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