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Presentation September 12, 2007

Michael Dell

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For my presentation on Wednesday September 12 I was asked to tie flies for the Little Smoky. Looking at my boxes I decided that I would only tie flies that use few materials and are easy and quick to tie.


So I came up with these 4 patterns (which are my go-to flies for grayling).


The Griffith's Gnat is an old established pattern with a good track record. It works for midges, mayflies and caddis flies, and I tie it in various sizes. I will show two variations on the pattern (which are not really variations at all, but simple subsitutions that work as good as the original).


The Black Leech is an old style leech pattern tied with multiple bunches of black marabou. Emmerson will remember this from the old days.


The Green Soft Hackle is another old style pattern that I use for emergers. Two materials and you don't have to make it neat.


Wally Lutz of Edson has designed a number of unique and good patterns. He showed me the No Brainer on the Little Smoky years ago, and I had to beg one off him as he was catching and I was not. Since then I have tied a bunch for myself, and Wally has changed the name of the fly to the Tom Bomb. This is because the fly is a cross between a Tom Thumb and a Bomber. It floats well and passes for a stonefly, large caddis or grasshopper. It also works when it sinks and is drawn back under water.


Four flies in one hour. It's a good thing that they are so simple.


That's what I am doing on Wednesday.



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