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Belated news

Limey Fly Fisher

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Hi gang,

Just a quick message from Blighty to all of you NLFT chappies that took part in the swap last year. Well believe it or not one of the guys from South Africa had his package sent back to me in the UK. I sent it it back again and FIANLLY he got the flies. David sent this email and I thought you would be interested to see what h has to say.

Best regards





Hello Keith




Thought I’d let you know. My swop flies eventually arrived in Pretoria!


Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!!!!!!!!


Thank you so very much for all the effort you took to get the package to me and thank you very much for letting me participate.




It is immediately obvious that everyone put in extraordinary tying effort and the work that your club members did in presentation has moved fly swops to a new level, my hearty congratulations to all. Our summer has just arrived and I can assure you that copies of the wets in the swop will be dunked with great excitement all through the season.




Again, congratulations to everyone involved in the swop and my deepest thanks for your persistence in getting my flies to me.




Kind Regards


And Stywe Lyne (tight lines)




David Colyn

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Ha Limmey great to see you on the Web page again. Long time know hear. How has your fishing season been so far. I heard its been pretty wet your way. We have to look into trying to get another international fly swap going again. The last one was great.


Been working on soft hackles using a new material called gliter thread out of Italy. It seems to be working great at this time. I've posted a couple under the fly pattern section.


Talk to you later.


Tight Lines Always :fishing::fish_jump:

Dennis S

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