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Canoe motor mount for tuber


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Here are some pics of my motor mount. The brace is just a 2x4 with a groove rotored out.


On my canoe the brackes need to hold onto the canoe edge on the outside of the canoe. I belive some brands have their edges on the inside, but this would work on eigher.


The main brace has the motor mount attached to it. The motor mount was cut/out slightly and glued and screwed to the 2x4. My electric motor does not have great thrust (only 30#) so it doesn't need to be crazy strong...just strong.


The brackets are just 2 pieces of wood glued and screwed together so they fit under the canoe edge. There is a carriage bolt in it that runs to the top. The handles are from Lee Valley.


My father-in-law made this for me as he's an expert handy-man, and I came up with the engineering...lol...


Hope this helps.


See ya



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